Cornstore Rotisserie Chicken and Beef Joints – A Must Try!

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Have you tried the Cornstore’s award winning range of own brand produce?

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What’s in our deli ?

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We get lots of enquiries about our deli and what exactly it offers, so we decided to give you a little insight!

All options are available for lunch hot or cold, to eat-in or take-out whilst also being available to take-away for dinner on those night when you just don’t feel like cooking or maybe feel like treating that someone special…

Have you discovered the wonders of Ballyshiel yet?


‘As true artisans, we are committed to taste, quality and tradition. Using pure farm fresh milk from a local dairy farm, we produce great tasting, nutritious products with all the goodness of milk.’ ~ Ballyshiel Artisan Foods

Ballyshiel Artisan Foods are situated in the heart of Ireland in Co. Offaly and are the producers of delicious Irish dulce de leche and handmade chocolate. Here’s a little insight into their products currently available in-store at the Cornstore at Home…

Earn brownie points this Valentines with the Cornstore at Home…

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This Valentine’s Day get it 100% right with the Cornstore at Home and earn brownie points not a single status! Our Valentine’s packages cover everything from dinner, to flowers, to chocolates and extra special gifts – all you have to do is pre-order and pop into our shop to collect. Don’t worry we won’t tell them we helped…

Finding it difficult to source gluten free produce?

goodness grains

We’re very lucky to have lots of loyal gluten free customers, many of which are big fans of the Goodness Grains Gluten Free Range available in-store. Hence, we’ve decided to give those of you who might not be as familiar or maybe just fancy a break from gluten based products a little insight into what these guys offer…